Please consider opening your home to a Lab in need! We need people who are able to foster a dog in their home and who will commit to volunteering for at least 1 year. If you live in Los Angeles, Orange, or Ventura County, in a coastal community of Santa Barbara County between Goleta and the Ventura County line, or in the southwestern corner of San Bernardino County in Upland, Chino, Chino Hills, Rancho Cucamonga, Victorville, Apple Valley or Hesperia, consider becoming a Lab Rescue foster parent!

Being a foster parent is extremely rewarding. Fostering is important, fun and a great way to help out at no cost to you. We ask our foster families to treat the foster dog as they would their own pet – with love, attention, discipline, and structure. Foster homes are expected to keep their SCLRR contact apprised of how their foster dog is doing, medically and behaviorally. Aside from regular day-to-day care (feeding, grooming, exercise), the responsibilities of a foster home may include basic training (house training, walking on leash, sit, down), socialization and evaluation (to determine whether the dog is good with different types of people and other animals), and of course plenty of playtime and snuggling.

After the Lab has been evaluated in a foster home for at least one week, the search begins for a permanent home. Foster reps work with various family representatives in a cooperative effort to match the best family possible with the foster dog.

SCLRR will provide veterinary care (spaying or neutering, worming, etc), food, and equipment (collars, crates, etc) for your foster dog. (Please note that any out of pocket expenses must be approved in advance for reimbursement). SCLRR will provide all that you need for your foster dog, and you provide the love!

Fostering a dog may seem like a formidable task, but fostering a Lab is a very tangible way to give a Lab a second chance at becoming a cherished family pet.

If you’re ready try fostering a Lab in your home, click this link to our Volunteer Form.

And for more information about fostering, please see our Foster FAQs. (You can also get to the Volunteer Form from there).