SCLRR: Volunteer Form

IMPORTANT: Please note that for insurance and liability purposes, you must be at least 18 years of age to become an SCLRR volunteer. Also, you must be willing and able to commit to helping us for at least 1 year.

Before completing a Volunteer Form, please be SURE that you live within our service area. Currently we serve most of Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura Counties. We also operate in the coastal communities of Santa Barbara County from Goleta south to the border with Ventura County and, in the southwestern corner of San Bernardino County we serve the cities of Chino, Chino Hills, Upland and Rancho Cucamonga.

Sorry, but SCLRR is not currently seeking volunteers in the counties of Riverside, San Diego, Kern, or San Luis Obispo, nor in cities of San Bernardino County that are not listed above. For volunteer opportunities in those locales, please see the list of Lab Rescue organizations at our Areas We Serve page.

If for any reason you are having difficulty completing or submitting this form, please contact us directly.

Important Note: Please do NOT use a cell/smart phone or a tablet device to complete your volunteer form as their use often causes entry errors; you must use a PC or Mac desktop or laptop computer to complete the form.

Volunteer Form

I am interested in volunteering for the Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue organization (SCLRR).

My name and contact information are:

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I am over eighteen years of age: Yes No
I understand that if I become a volunteer for SCLRR, I am representing a nonprofit organization when doing volunteer work for SCLRR. Yes No
While I am carrying out volunteer work for SCLRR, I shall not engage in activities that are prohibited to a nonprofit, tax exempt organization. Agree Disagree
I shall not profit by my activities as an SCLRR volunteer. Agree Disagree
I shall not represent SCLRR in any type of political activity such as endorsing or condemning candidates for office or political initiatives. I understand that I may be held personally liable for any direct consequences of such misrepresentation. Agree Disagree
In addition, I hereby forever release, discharge, and agree to hold harmless and indemnify Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc., its board of directors, officers, volunteers and agents from all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, or liability of any kind whatsoever arising as a result of doing volunteer work with SCLRR. Agree Disagree


How many hours a month will you volunteer?

Will you offer a one year commitment?

Will you travel to the following regions to volunteer? (check all that apply)

Ventura/Santa Barbara North LA
South LA Orange County

Areas of Interest

Check all that apply
fostering a dog in your home homechecking families/helping match your approved families with Labs

Tell us some more about yourself (please include your personal experience with dogs and, if applicable, any previous rescue work):

By clicking on 'Submit Volunteer Application,' I certify that the above information is true, and that I have agreed to the release of liability as stated above.

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