Re-Homing Or Being Able to Keep Your Labrador

We understand that the thought of re-homing your Labrador may have been the last thing you ever intended to happen and we are sorry that you are currently in this position. We hope we can help you in this process by offering some information below.

Before you surrender your dog, please read this educational material to give you some possible ideas on keeping your dog. Also, here is another website on giving your dog away that has a wealth of information that you should consider. Yes — it is written about Pit Bulls, but the information applies to any breed and you really should read it!

MOVING? NEED A PET-FRIENDLY APARTMENT OR HOUSE? If you are moving and having difficulty finding housing that will accommodate your Lab, please see our Pet Friendly Rentals Resource Page before you consider giving up your dog.

If you are interested in placing your Labrador Retriever with SCLRR’s assistance, please see our Owner-Listed Dogs page or our “free want-ad” Courtesy Listings. We can help you place a Labrador Retriever or a Lab mix, but not other breeds or other breed mixes. To find additional organizations, please consult Petfinders, Save-A-Pet, or similar sites or organizations to find rescues that handle mixed breeds as well. Also, the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation is looking for prospective dogs.

If you have a Labrador Retriever that you want to give up to SCLRR, please visit Giving Up Your Lab for information on the process.

If you are re-homing your dog privately, either through our Owner-listing service or our Courtesy Listings, we strongly encourage you to print out and use the following generic Release of Ownership and Terms of Adoption forms to effect legal transfer of ownership.

If you are not sure which option is best for you and your dog, please contact us, and we will do our best to guide you.

NOTE: IF YOU ARE TRYING TO FIND A HOME FOR A LAB THAT’S CURRENTLY IN A SHELTER, please enter a shelter listing for the dog by going to our Shelter Dog Page.