Pet Friendly Rentals Resource

Renters and Dog Ownership

Do you own (or wish to own) dogs but rent? Yes, it can be very difficult to find a place to live that accepts your pets here in southern California. However, there are a number of resources available to help you find a pet-friendly rental.

SCLRR gets many calls from people giving up their pets because they are moving and/or cannot find a place to live with their dog. In the hopes of making it easier to find such a place, we’ve listed tips and resources below. Even though the pet-friendly rental market is pretty tight in this area, they are definitely out there.

This is also why we require a copy of the written agreement to allow pets from those applying to adopt from us who rent.

Some tips (from an article published in the LA Times, July 8 2001, page K1; which in turn derived them from similar HSUS publications):

  1. Plan ahead. Make sure you have plenty of time to find rental housing.
  2. Check resources, which include: the local humane society, local animal control authorities, local real estate brokers, and online resources listing pet friendly apartments.
  3. Show that you’re a responsible owner: Assemble a “resume” for your pet that includes a letter from your vet, a spay/neuter certificate, vaccination record, flea control, a letter of referral from a previous landlord, certificates or letters showing any obedience classes taken.
  4. Let the landlord know that you are also concerned about cleanliness: emphasize that your pet is housetrained, and that you pick up all of the waste outside.
  5. Point out that because it’s so difficult to find a place that accepts
    pets, you’re more likely to be a stable, long term renter.
  6. Offer to bring your pet over to meet the property manager to show how clean and well behaved your pet is.
  7. Be willing to pay a little more in the way of a pet security deposit.
  8. Get any agreement in writing. Sign a pet addendum to your rental agreement. Note any pet security deposit, which may or may not be refundable. Request a copy of any house rules pertaining to pets.

Some resources for finding housing for you and your companion animals (click on the bold-type links below):