Taken in: 2024-01-06

More detail:
2024-02-07: Wailua is the sweetest girl that absolutely adores everything about life. Her tail is always wagging and she is so eager to please. While only 6 years old this month, she's lived her life as a breeder dog, crated almost all day, and she's already had 4 litters of puppies!

She's curious about everything and everyone and very happy to explore the world. She is super smart and eager to please. She learned to sit in about 2 hours, and eagerly does it now without a verbal command, usually just the 1 finger held up!

She loves to chase a tennis ball for 20 minutes, (our limit!) and retrieves it, though she doesn't always give it, but she doesn't stop you from taking it and throwing again. Then she settles down or will follow you from room to room when you move about the house. She would probably love another dog to play with? But she could be an only dog too. She is still very young, so she can be naughty at times. But she is so eager to please you, she would kiss you to death.

She is eager for her food, but will sit and wait. She doesn't push her way into the other dogs bowls until they are finished, but they all seem to share a water bowl without any concern.

She does try to snuggle with both my elderly ladies, but she hasn't learned that only 1 will allow it. The other gets up looking quite disgusted and finds another bed.

She doesn't have any separation anxiety, as she is usually found sleeping on a dog bed when we return.

She is good with other dogs we have met on the street and our walks, and she totally ignores our hissing feral cat, as she explores the side area where the cat is protected and fed.

Her ideal family would be someone who is mostly home, or not gone for very long. She's due a loving, kind but firm family to erase her earlier experiences?

If you are interested in making this Lab part of your family, please contact your SCLRR family representative. If you have not yet applied with us, please submit an online application to adopt; an SCLRR volunteer will then contact you. Please note that your homecheck must be approved in order for you to be put in touch with the dog's foster home.