SCLRR is pleased to present Sam Lancaster.

Hey, my name is Sam Lancaster but you can call me shortly Sam. I am a black neutered male and weigh about 43 pounds. I am 10 years young! I like to walk up to you and stand next to you and give you kisses. I am very sweet and affectionate.

I was at the shelter and I was saved at the last minute by a nice volunteer from SCLRR. I had several growths that were removed and the one on my left arm that took a few weeks to heal. I am looking very handsome without the growths on my body. I was always very conscious of them and I am glad I got them removed. I also had blood work done and a dental cleaning. Talking about a full make-over here guys!!! I feel like a new, improved ME and I like it.

I love to go on walks and usually go on two 15 minute walks a day. I am very good on a leash and I will walk right next to you. I am a low energy dog so I like to sit and chill most of the time on a nice comfortable blanket. I have a very comfortable ortho bed that I like to sleep on. I got it for free because the store couldn’t beat someone’s advertised price. Well, that is how I think I got it.

I am very respectful of your house. I have good manners and I don’t counter surf for things. You don’t have to pet me all the time, I am happy just laying down and resting next to you. I like to walk around outside in the backyard and smell the grass. I am not very good at playing fetch. If you throw a ball, I will watch where it goes, but I will wait for you to retrieve it and bring it back to me. I find this game very funny so don’t worry, I will be entertained.

I think I will be good for most families who like a low energy dog and like some company. I am very good roaming free in the house and do not need to be in a crate. I am good at being left alone for a few hours at a time. I am usually a quiet dog and I don’t bark most of the time. I am ready to find my forever home.

If you think that you would like me to be part of your family, please contact your Family Rep!!!

Check out my videos

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If you are interested in making this Lab part of your family, please contact your SCLRR family representative. If you have not yet applied with us, please submit an online application to adopt; an SCLRR volunteer will then contact you. Please note that your homecheck must first be approved in order for you to be put in touch with a dog’s foster home.