Oliver’s DockDog Adventures:

Day 2:

So here we are in Lexington Nebraska after a very long day. We were on the road for about 11 hours total today and lost another hour to the time change. We are offically now 2 hours ahead of California. We had planned to get up in Grand Junction this morning and shoot directly over to Denver. Well…we seemed to have overlooked the fact that we would be driving through the beautiful Colorado mountains. We stopped more than once to admire the beautiful scenery and take some pictures of our handsome boy.

Oliver is being such a good boy riding in the car. He’s getting special bones, bully sticks, and treats of course as a reward. He seems pretty happy considering he’s riding in his big crate from home and has plenty of room to spread out. He got to play in the snow for the first time today which he seemed to enjoy. We were able to get some awesome pictures of the handsome boy. He has no idea all the fuss is for him!

Tomorrow we complete our drive arriving in Dubuque Iowa early tomorrow evening. Sue & Oliver check in tomorrow evening and then Friday the real fun starts.

Dream of big jumps Mr. Oliver…dream of big jumps…
See pics of Oliver here.