Oliver day 4

OliversnowDay 4 – In Iowa!!

We’re running fast today…after jumping, we had to come back to the hotel to get ready for the formal banquet. Oliver looks good in formal wear, but isn’t going with us for this one. Here are the highlights from today..

Today started with a handlers meeting at 8:00 this morning. The corporate group went over rules, regulations, and of course the requirement to have fun (oh ya and pick up the dog poop!) We certainly are having fun…the excitment in the air can be felt. Everybody is happy, sharing travel stories, jump stories, and of course trading cards! It is so much fun to trade the dogs “pawtograph” cards. We have quite the collection already!

Oliver jumped mid-day today. He was in the 2nd of 4 groups for the Junior division. In total there are 32 dogs jumping in his division with the top 6 moving to Sunday finals. We hoped for a big jump today, but weren’t too excited as Oliver always tends to jump best the 2nd day. As expected he jumped a starter jump for his first jump around the 11′ mark. Sue gave him a pep talk, tugged and played in between turns and his second jump was much better at 13’9″. He finished tied for 12th place. We didn’t make it into finals yet, as the top dogs in his division were jumping at the 17′ mark! The top 3 won’t jump tomorrow so now it’s Ollie against the now top 9! Sue promised him steak for dinner if he jumps over 16′. I suspect he’ll get that steak dinner no matter how far he jumps! He’s a pretty special boy and deserves the steak just for trying.