Day 3

Oliver Day 3:

We woke up to a chilly overcast morning in Nebraska. After a few hours of driving, we crossed into Iowa mid-afternoon and made it to Dubuque a little after six. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in just a few days.
As we drove along, we talked about how far we actually were from home. It made us think about Oliver and how far he really has come. Who would have ever thought that the unfixed, scared, and neglected stray walking the streets of Hesperia would be 6 states away competing for a championship DockDiving title?!?! I bet not his former owners whoever they are. I can picture them saying…”he’s a dumb dog who can’t do a thing”! Boy wouldn’t they be surprised to see him now. It doesn’t happen magically, but with work, training, consistency, and most of all lots of love any dog can be a “good dog”. As far as we’re concerned Oliver is a GREAT DOG! We’re very thankful to SCLRR for rescuing him and then allowing us to adopt this special dog who has a heart of gold.

After 3 long but very interesting days of driving…WE FINALLY MADE IT!
It is so very exciting to be here. The handlers area is a buzz with people from all over the country and hundreds of dogs just waiting for their chance to jump, swim, or fly all for their favorite toys and of course the love of the game. The indoor arena area is absolutely amazing with 3 different pools set up for each of the disciplines. Oliver jumps in Big Air which is the category where they measure distance. He is in the junior division and typically jumps in the 12′ to 14′ range. The more senior dogs are expected to jump around 28′ to 32′!

We found out today there are 32 dogs in each division. There will be 2 chances to move from the qualifying rounds to the finals on Sunday. Only the top 6 dogs total will is be given the opportunity to jump in the finals. We’re keeping our paws crossed and giving Oliver a lot of encouragement to jump as far as his labby legs will take him. We don’t know where we’ll wind up (in the finals or watching in the bleachers), but we know that he will like always, jump with all his heart and to us that is all that matters. He is being such a good boy and we are proud of him and what he represents. Give a dog a 2nd chance and who knows where you’ll wind up. Perhaps Iowa???

We’ll keep everybody posted as we go…for tonight it’s time to sleep. Handlers meeting is at 8:00 and Oliver hits the pool for his first jump around 10:30.