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South LA

YELLOW MALE entered on 03/26/2017


**COURTESY POST FOR A SUPER SWEET SENIOR-LEX NEEDS EVERYONEbS HELP LOS ANGELES CA AND SURROUNDING AREAS! PLEASE WE DON'T WANT HIM TO GO BACK TO THE POUND!! Hello All! My name is LEX!! I am a Harbor Shelter dog that is being fostered through LAAS foster program. My foster mom wants to adopt me but she canbt because I have horrible hip dysplasia so Ibm unable to go up & down the many stairs at her house. WE ARE IN A REALLY BIG HURRY TO FIND A RESCUE, FOREVER FOSTER, OR ADOPTER SO THAT I DON'T HAVE TO GO BACK TO THE SHELTER-PLEASE SHARE-TAG-TWEET-INSTAGRAM TO GET MY STORY OUT!! Somehow I ended up at the SCARIEST PLACE ON EARTH-THE POUND! I was brought in a stray and my owners were notified BUT THEY NEVER CAME FOR ME! So there I waited and slept on concrete for 2 MONTHS and was so scared because I saw friends come in and some left but some DID NOT. I am a 10 year old retriever/shep mix and as handsome as they come! I am sooo loving, super affectionate, and very mellow. I ADORE squeaky toys & people! I will spend hours at your feet and promise to be your loyal companion and friend. I enjoy walks but they have to be short due to my weak hind legs. I do need to be in a home with no stairs so if you have a spot like that PLEASE PLEASE consider me OK!!?? I donbt mind being your one and only tho I really do enjoy the company of my foster brother, Horton! If you think that maybe, just maybe, I am THE ONE FOR YOU please contact my foster Mom, Ann at (310) 567-3400 or OR you can contact her friend, Harbor Shelter volunteer, Diane, at Canbt wait to hear from you!! LEX (aka Levon, A1674583 / Harbor Shelter)

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