Available Labrador Retrievers

To allow us to help more dogs, given limitations on our resources--time, money, and volunteers, for example-- SCLRR has several different ways of helping Labs in need of homes.

We foster a limited number of dogs at a time. Most are from local shelters. Each dog for at least a week. The dog is spayed or neutered and vaccinated, if needed, during this time. This time allows us to to get some idea of the dog's health and temperament.

We have limited funds for kenneling other dogs that we rescue. We try to move these dogs out from our kennels and into a foster home before placing them. Depending on the dog and its evaluated needs, it is either placed directly from the kennel or fostered and then placed.

There are owners who wish to place their dogs, but need help in finding suitable families. We refer only SCLRR-approved families to them as potential adoption. In this case, the adoption is a third party contract between the owners of the dog and the adopters; and SCLRR's function is that of matchmaker only.

As a courtesy to other agencies or individuals, private or public, who wish to place Labradors in new homes, we have a "courtesy" list. This includes dogs at shelters, as well as dogs found by individuals willing to do the rescue themselves. This list includes only that information that has been provided to us. SCLRR cannot vouch for its accuracy, nor does it participate in any way in adoptions resulting from these listings.

SCLRR-Listed Dogs
Other Dogs

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